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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

everythingfurniture Mar 4, 2011 2:14 PM
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Our site was hammered much like was. I understand the duplicate content angle Matt (and Amit), but we have never copied any content or played black hat games either. Sure we have vendors that other people sell, so does everyone, and yes some of that product data is similar because it is supplied by the vendors and everyone uses it, it's important accurate data describing products we sell. Customers need that to make an informed decision when purchasing.

Is it  crime that many people use the same product data? Do we really need to take the extra time to mix it all up so it looks "unique" for the sake of making it different for Google's algorithm? It just does not make sense.

I do understand the why here, but I think the means needs to be looked at again. We have been online since 2001 and if anything we have been the victim of people copying our content, we never copy anything, we don't buy links or do anything "against the rules".

C'mon Matt re-think this, I'll buy you a beer at Pubcon. Many e commerce sites got hit unfairly by this, including us. The economy sucks enough already, throw the little guy a bone, it seems like the SERPS are all local and big retailers now.