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Re: Think you're affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

aarshad Mar 22, 2011 10:41 AM
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On Feb 24, 2011,, lost a considerable amount of its organic Google search traffic. We understand that Google updated its algorithm on/close to the aforementioned date with the goal of improving search results and to minimize exposure/ranking of content farming-type sites. Given this effort, coupled with the great history and content of we expected Google’s algorithm update to have a positive impact rather than the negative impact mentioned above. has been live and providing high-value, deep and timely content to consumers for 15 years. The site’s great content has built a large, loyal and growing audience. In addition to the great content and sizeable consumer audience, has a Google PageRank of 6. The domain has nearly a million back links according to Yahoo Site Explorer, demonstrating the site as an extremely valuable resource people refer to often.

Although we believe that got hit by some friendly-fire in the last algorithm change, we took time over the last three weeks (prior to filing a reconsideration request) to review Geek’s current set up to ascertain whether any past practices on the site could adversely influence the current circumstances. As such we’ve made some adjustments to how we quote press releases within articles, taking a more conservative approach to linking out to other domains, contacting sites that are scraping our content to remove it (believing Google may see this as duplicate content on our site as in some incidences the scraping site ranks higher than for the same content).

We will continue to self-evaluate and make whatever changes are necessary to restore our prior ranking. At this point, we ask Google to please consider our request to return to its previous ranking/positions.