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Re: Has there been an algorithm undate on the 17th of January???

littletraveller Jan 23, 2011 11:59 AM
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Thanks for your reply. Im not trying in any way to compare myself to expedia. I have just run the the test on for the website and it might not be the fastest but as previously mentioned the load time is faster that 68% that other websites.
I have run the test to my direct competitors and their load time is ever longer.
Of course many people i know have looked at the website and never said it will take forever to load and of course this is directly dependent on the speed of the internet. Even if i clear my cache and load my site again it probably takes about 2sec to load. The fact is it not on dedicated server does not help but who can afford it at the price for dedicated server.
The minimum speed of internet people get in the uk now days is 500kps.

I can analyse links, speed etc... to competitors websites(not talking expedia or any other gians just same concept and same size websites).... but the at the end of the day it seems that ALL SEO consultants are simply just guessing what to exactly do and they have not a clue what to do in cases like this.

So far i have analysed all suggested this and compared to the websites which are ranking cannnot see the reason for this sudden and massive drop.
No one can tell me that other 1000 or more websites in my key terms have better content or speed or are more relevant to the key word (again not aiming for the top keywords)
As mentioned there are pages on the 1st page which are articles dated from 2002 which are hardly the LATEST news the only difference is that the article is on well google ranked newspaper website?