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Re: Can I use JavaScript to hide affiliate links from Google?

GuardianGI Oct 7, 2010 6:33 AM
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great story :P

and i have a nice analogy for you all.
compare websites with formula one cars, if i where to read in the newspaper about a race or a specific car would i be interested in knowing there was Marlboro plastered all over the car? no i would not be, I'd just like to know who won or how fast the car goes or what it can do.
rather then asking the reporter to ignore the advertisements u simply show them the same car but rather then plastering Marlboro all over it you release it at the point before u plaster the adds on there (w/o the adds) because in this case the reporter doesn't know (or need to check for) the difference between the Marlboro logo and the small tag with the cars price tag...

just one last thing in your site you in some cases load an add in the middle of other content, can u either set width and height on these elements or keep them outside of text (the text is moving as the adds are loaded in, tough this only took a split second and i hadn't even start reading yet it might decrease user experience for people with a slower connection.)
and the only thing that is still find weird is why block it using robots (I don't see any good reason to do so, ok neither do i see a reason not to do so but why do something pointless)