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Ranking issues and ads.acesse,com

IntrepidTraveler Sep 18, 2012 1:57 PM
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In recent months, I've noticed two things vis a vis a site I own,

1) The site has been in existence since the late 90s and has always done well in Google SERPs. In fact, it used to appear on page one or two on searches for major keyword phrases. Suddenly it dropped to page 20 and beyond.

2) I also noticed via Google Analytics an inordinate amount of traffic (37% in a recent 30 day period) coming to this site from, which suggested to me that someone was advertising my site and it wasn't me. When I went to I learned that Acess Marketing operates a "business opportunity" of some sort linked to a search engine. Since I was not advertising with them I contacted them to see if I could find out who was. They said that while the referrer suggested an ad, they could not explain why I was getting all this traffic because my site did not "appear in our database" and was not being advertised. Moreover, the largest share of the traffic from is coming from places like China and Russia, where the content of my site has no application whatsoever.

My question is: Are these two phenomena related? Has Google taken note of the traffic I am receiving from and concluded that I am doing something wrong and has penalized me by making my site essentially invisible to people searching for the information I provide? Is there some way to ask Google why searches for content related to my site have suddenly produced such radically different results?