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Urban Backpacker Mar 13, 2012 6:00 PM
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"Was this a post that you made, or one that someone else made?"

It was a post that I made.

"If it was your post, it would be helpful if we had some idea what it was about"

The post was about service problems with the company behind a collection of free homepage hosting services - rather glaring ones, to be exact. An entire domain vanished, and the company dealt with the problem by refusing to admit that it existed. 96400 accounts are directly impacted by the unacknowledged outage, and the company does a lot of co-branding. If I named the service, you probably would have heard of it.

"what kind of links it may have included in it"

There was a link to a Google search for sites under the affected domain, and one to an error message page to which all sites in the domain were now redirecting. I mentioned the domain name affected. Google's system might have turned that into a link, but I didn't do so, myself.