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Re: 11 years old domain - "detected unnatural links"

Tim Abracadabra Mar 30, 2012 3:53 AM
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Hi Ironbrand,

Just my two cents.

You do understand the definition of a natural link, correct?

A natural link is one generated typically by a visitor to your site that finds
the content useful and then may add a reference link to your site or page as
it is relevant and helpful to a particular topic.

The key here is someone finds the site/page useful and from a relevant site/page/post provides
a link to your site or page as it is their intent that this link will be helpful to another visitor.

An unnatural link is any link the Web Site Owner, Webmaster or any one under their employ
may generate with the intent to draw traffic to their own site.

I hope that helps clarify.

All the best,