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Re: Announcing Google Voice + Sprint Integration

bunnicula Mar 21, 2011 3:56 PM
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Categories: Using Google Voice on a Mobile Device :

I have a question.  Specifically, into what category will the minutes fall with Sprint?  Most Sprint customers currently are being forced to upgrade to the company's new "Any Mobile/Anytime" plans, where all calls made to a mobile phone (regardless of carrier) are free.  These plans have a set number of minutes for calls made to non-mobile numbers (landlines/business/etc.). 

Currently, phone calls made from a Sprint mobile phone to a Google Voice number are counted as non-mobile minutes, and thus count against the set non-mobile minute allotment, even if the google voice subscriber routs their google voice calls to their mobile phone.  If it's the case that google voice calls will still counts as non-mobile minutes, this partnership (and subsequent popularity of Google Voice among sprint customers) seems like a sneaky way to get Sprint customers to use up more of their non-mobile minutes (and likely go over/need to upgrade their plan).

Don't get me wrong, I love google voice.  I'm just curious as to whether it's known yet how the minutes will be categorized.