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Re: Can't Disable Sprint/GV Integration

jmelchior85 Jul 21, 2011 11:03 AM
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I'm having a similar issue.  I got a new phone, GV integration seemed to be broken after that point, so I removed the phone and attempted to re-add it.  Removal seemed successful, but now I am unable re-activate it.  It says it's calling my phone but nothing ever goes through.  What's worse is when attempting to call my phone from other GV accounts, I recieve the following message:

We could not complete your call, please try again.

I'm assuming that this is what the activation call hears but I cannot confirm.  I've attempted to get help from Sprint, but they don't have any idea what's wrong.  My Sprint number/number I'd like for GV ends in 8505. Any help would be appreciated.