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Re: The Power of 406

mike x Sep 3, 2009 8:20 AM
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From the Google Voice Help File:

When you send an SMS through Google Voice, the SMS appears to be sent from your Google number. When someone sends an SMS to your Google number, and it's forwarded to your mobile phone, it won't appear as from the sender's actual number (e.g., the SMS may appear from 1-406-xxx-xxxx). This is so that when you reply to the 1-406-xxx-xxxx number from your phone, the SMS you send appears to be sent from your Google number and will be saved in your Google Voice inbox.

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I have to answer no because I can't immediately grasp the importance of the last line of this explanation?  Is the 406 index used just so the sms can be saved in my google voice inbox?  And shouldn't it be saved in my gv outbox since it is being sent, not received?