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Re: Announcing Google Voice + Sprint Integration

wayne548 Apr 25, 2011 7:09 PM
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Categories: Account credit, security and privacy :

I got the "preview" email, and let the Google wizard convert me to the new integration - setting the existing Sprint number as the GV number. Now when someone dials the Sprint number, I get a GV connect in GMail, but the cell phone itself never rings at all!

Text messages get to the phone OK. As another test, I tried using GV's "Call" option and telling it to use the cell to call someone ... that didn't do anything, the dialog says it will call me to set up the outbound call but the cell phone doesn't ring.

The cell is set up as a forwarding phone in the GV Settings (I tried it with that checkbox *not* checked, no difference).

How do I get calls to go to the cell phone now?