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Eligibility for Google Voice on Sprint

JonathanLovesCats May 6, 2011 9:30 AM
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Categories: Making and Receiving Calls :

Please note that Google Voice on Sprint is not available for the following types of users:

1. Users who are behind on your phone bill.  Please check with Sprint to remedy this.
2. Users who have a corporate number oa landline number.  Currently, we don't offer the ability to integrate corporate or landline phone numbers.
3. You are not using a Sprint-branded mobile phone.  Nextel, PowerSource, corporate, and pre-paid phones are not compatible with Google Voice.
4. We were in a 'maintenance window' during the time you tired to sign up.  Please try again in 24 hours. If you try again and are still unable to integrate your number, it is likely because of the previously mentioned reasons.
5. If you have call blocking enabled on your account, you cannot use Google Voice on Sprint.  In order to be eligible for Google Voice on Sprint, please contact Sprint to remove this feature and then re-try. You can use Google Voice to block unknown callers and send straight to voicemail.
6. If you have call tones enabled on your account, you cannot use Google Voice on Sprint.  We recommend contacting Sprint to remove this feature and then re-trying the integration. 

However, Sprint is working to address an issue in which customer accounts with a "public sector" or "government" discount (i.e. teacher, firemen, military, government agency, etc.) are considered ineligible.  If this best describes you and you pay for and are responsible for your own bill, Sprint hopes to make Google Voice available in the future for these accounts.