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Re: Eligibility for Google Voice on Sprint

Bluescat May 10, 2011 3:30 PM
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Yes, I posted yesterday, that this was the bug that was keeping my integration from working.  It's actually listed in the Known Issues, but I didn't notice it until yesterday.  Sorry for cross-posting, but here are the details I gave in another thread to a user asking where to find this:

I don't know why it matters if this feature is enabled or disabled, but apparently it does matter.  It's mentioned here:

This is a Sprint feature intended to help you block unwanted callers from calling your Sprint phone. It is buried down in their customer web portal, under the My Preferences tab.  Scroll down to "Limits and Permissions", then click on "Block Voice".  Select the device (your cell phone) if you have more than one on your account, then disable the phone number blocking function if it's currently enabled.

Per the Google Voice FAQs, you can accomplish the same type of blocking from GV itself, if you need it.