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Re: MMS support

XDS Oct 16, 2011 8:13 AM
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Let me repeat what I said above (since we are on a new page).

Sprint has and WILL ALWAYS have the best call quality of any carrier. PERIOD.

By the way, those thinking that they need a GSM antenna to use their iphone 4S anywhere(globaly), the i4S will have a Dual mode antenna for GSM roaming even with sprint.

@GPHan if the other user is from sprint you should be able to use iTim or some other service that will mask your callerID and make it show your GoogleVoice number when sending a MMS from their apps.

I don't recommend iTim , im just using that as a example.

Back to what I was saying...... (continued from above)


The ONLY reason i could think of to keep AT&T or T-Mobile is if you rely on access to one (or better two or more) of their hotspots.
But that will be a VERY rare situation.