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Re: Google voice account transfer not working

NoGoodDeed Apr 18, 2012 12:01 AM
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@ Mr Digi,'ll destroy (replace) the destination number... That part is not correct.
As you found out, Google Voice (GV) would not transfer to a Google Account (GA) that already has GV.

The old transfer procedure destroyed the replaced GV account. With the new procedure, the instructions were not updated.

...Why cant I... You can. To transfer, use/create another GA that doesn't have an attached GV. Then use a 3 step process to make the switch. Do not go to the next step until the last step is complete.

Start          Step 1         Step 2         Step 3
GA1 - GV-01  | GA1 - EMPTY  | GA1 - GV-02  | GA1 - GV-02
GA2 - GV-02  | GA2 - GV-02  | GA2 - EMPTY  | GA2 - GV-01
GA3 - EMPTY  | GA3 - GV-01  | GA3 - GV-01  | GA3 - EMPTY