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Re: MMS to Google Voice

stuart.allison.oh Apr 22, 2012 5:11 PM
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However, this work around does work....

On the Google Voice site, if you go to the Settings (click on your phone number, or the little wheels on the top right and then "Voice Settings"), then on the "Phones" tab (should be the tab that first shows up), you will be able to disable texts from being sent to your Sprint mobile phone.  This should only disable normal SMS, but allow MMS to go through like normal.  Since you are using your Sprint number as your Google Voice number, and you are using the GV app, you will still receive your SMS texts through the app (and get notifications for them), and then you can turn on notifications in your native texting client, as it should now only receive MMS messages.  Good luck, and please let us all know if this helps.