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Re: Does google sketchup allow or promote or have help for people who want to create their own mini file wharehouses?

prometheuspan Aug 24, 2010 10:49 PM
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wow august m. My collaboration platform is actually a forum, and i do now have a file sharing site which somebody put up for me. Its hardly ideal and does not allow people to view the models before downloading.

the problem with the wharehouse is the file size limit. I routinely generate models which are program crashing size, arcologies, skyscrapers, city plans,.. very large and very detailed files. Its nice that the wharehouse allows for say sharing a two dimensional model of a skysracper
with six or 10 two dimensional planes that it paints on, but my models are complete with floors and all of the actual architectural elements like
structural supports.

The wharehouse simply does not support file sharing of  meaningful sizes. In fact i might say that the wharehouse only allows files to be shared which are frankly adolescent sized files, useless for anything involving any real world contemplation of architecture. Pretty to look at in a comic book sense, but not even approaching adult reality. 

Thats a handful to say about a program which probably never intended really to be THAT kind of design tool.
And I understand why they don't want to have enormous size files considering that people would load bazillions of enormous junk files if they could.

Google docs is neat but i don't see any 3d functionality in there unless i am missing it. That right there is I suppose a flaw, but in the other sense you do have multiple true collaboration potential via the use of importable components.

I'm still very interested in this if google could see it way clear to share the stuff. Otherwise I am now in touch with world class programmers who will find a way to do it sooner or later when they get the time, with or without google, and it would be a crying shame if somebody beat google to a public access sketchup download and file viewing system- it would make them look cheap.

I hope that this clarifies things. I WISH i had the competency to use ruby scripts. I barely as is know WHAT they are.
I use autocad and sketchup mostly, and right now i am back here because i can't get autocad files to import into sketchup after a virus