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Re: Known SketchUp issues on the new Mac Lion OSX

Arafura Dec 1, 2011 4:49 PM
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Thanks for the response, Geo Mark. I understand your reasoning however the frustration that you experienced upon the release of Lion could easily be solved by adjusting the preferences in the System Preferences. Simple - If you didn't like natural scrolling you could just change it. It is a real shame that this is no longer an option with SketchUp. What about other Google products? Will Chrome be disallowing natural scrolling? What about Google Earth? As mentioned, we have gone over to 'natural scrolling' and don't really like the idea of having the OS doing one thing and SketchUp doing another. In fact we have even gone to the extent of applying an AutoHotKey script on our Windows 7 machines in order to reverse the scrolling on that platform! I have now reverted back to the previous version of SketchUp and hope that the choice will again be offered in the future. Kind regards, Arafura.