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Re: Google softwares on Linux

wphred Nov 22, 2010 6:08 PM
Posted in group: SketchUp

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Call me a new user of Sketchup although I have played with it from time to time. With each release of Wine and Sketchup, I see improvements running Sketchup on Wine. There have been many problems reported, but I get no sense of what are the most limiting issues for each user/poster.

Would it make sense to create a list of problems that people are having, and then vote on their priority? If no Linux version will be ported, would such lists be of service to the Sketchup and Wine development teams, creating some sensitivity to issues that either team may help to improve? There could be different catagories of lists (Google Earth, printing, display issues, etc.)

I'm using Sketchup to design furniture for my own use - strictly amateur, and maybe I'm not using features or creating models of sufficient complexity to experience some of the issues I've seen posted. For me, the most irritating thing I find is the black screen in print preview (and getting the black page if you print it). My workaround is to take a screen shot of the model so I don't take my laptop to the dusty confines of my shop, but that doesn't work if I want to print patterns I have made where their scale is important.

Okay, so perhaps the issue I'm having is a small one, but what are the BIG problems users are having? Can anyone define that if no lists and votes have been made and cast?