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Re: Google softwares on Linux

Guinioul Feb 3, 2011 2:24 AM
Posted in group: SketchUp

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I add my vote for a linux version of SU !

And it can be just because of Android !
Google show us since 3years how they could use linux on smartphones !

So I find normal and fairplay google consider about a native linux sketchup release .
Hey ! With android you exploited the linux kernel as it was your's ! Because the linux community did it ! And so now google can just say "oh no, this is too complicated to make a linux version of SU", "there is not enough interested users/customers (which is not true!), "just use wine", etc .

This is unfair, you cannot use the work of the Linux community fot Android and say "no sketchup for linux users" !

And when google say "linux is not a desktop OS" it is just lies !

I know a lot of people interested by SU on linux ! And it's not complicated, just do a Debian/Ubuntu version and that's it !
Architects, for example, use A LOT sketchup, and a lot of them are on windowsXP because all the big architecture software work only on MS product (and some of them on osX) .

But all of them who tried Linux said "whaoooo" I want that !  Then the first question they ask is "what about sketchup on linux?"