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Re: How do I fix display issues?

George Knowles Oct 30, 2011 2:05 PM
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Hi Visvambhara,

>  You are the first one who openly points out the card that works.

You’ll find other reviews here:
Graphics Card Feedback – SketchUp Sage Site

And here …

SketchUp Graphics Card Survey Results

More information here:
Graphics Card Issues – SketchUp Sage Site

My experience with the nVidia Quadro FX 1700 512MB has been quite good.
System specifications are in my full profile:

Now nearly 3-years old, the system has endured >5000 hours of use.
New computers often arrive with out-of-date drivers.
Mine was no exception.
New out-of-the-box, there were some minor display issues which were resolved by installing the recommended updates from Dell Support.


>  Now tell me please how big are your models?

SU model performance has far more to do with modeling technique than spiffy hardware.
File size is generally an unreliable gauge of model performance.
Even a small file, poorly modeled, can bring the most powerful workstation to its knees.
Edge, Face and Material counts are better indicators.

>  Can your card handle a 65 Mb file with all the transparencies, textures and materials?

I tend to collect examples of modeling mayhem.
Here’s a 91MB example with 6.75 million edges, 2.5 million faces and 566 materials.
While those excesses certainly make the model a poor performer, it is relatively manageable on my system with all layers visible, profiles and shaded with textures on.
No doubt, the rendering delay introduced in SketchUp 7.1 helps handle such a heavy model.

91 MB - 6.75M Edge Model