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Re: Questions about photos in Google+

Onion Zwiebel Oct 21, 2011 7:47 AM
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Just1ted, you can downgrade from Google +:

Don't delete anything you see in Google +. Just downgrade. Your pictures are also in Picasa Web Albums. 

OR, bookmark this link:
Use that link to view and share your albums. 

Irish Clover, Picasa 3 (the program on your computer) is NOT a storage program. Looky here: 

Picasa Web Albums (a website), is also not a storage program. It's a sharing website. For storage, you need to use other options such as external hard drives (one stored at home, one stored away from home). 

The blue strip is in Picasa 3, when you are in the edit screen (double click a thumbnail in your library). Look very closely for the blue strip - it's really thin. It's above all the little buttons at the bottom. Once you find the little blue strip, look very closely to the left side. The double arrows are very tiny. Click it and you're editing tools will open up. The purpose of the double arrows is that so you can hide the editing tools if you want to see your picture in full screen.

The blue strip is NOT in Picasa Web Albums, and is NOT in Google +. 

To share photos on Ravelry: you'll need to get the URL of your photo so you can paste that into your Ravelry post. In Picasa Web Albums, click the photo you want to share. On the right side is the share link. Access your PWA here:

As for sharing the URL in Google+, I haven't figured that one out yet :)
Here's the Google + forum: