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Cannot sign out of web uploader

Tim S. Feb 22, 2012 11:18 PM
Posted in group: Picasa
Talk about frustrating - I have several gmail accounts and use the standalone Picasa web albums uploader app to upload pix to the various accounts. In the past when opening the app, a sign-in screen would appear. I'd simply sign in to the appropriate account, drag the pix into the window and bingo - up went the photos. For some reason now when I open the app it shows already signed in to one of my accounts. I may well have checked a "keep me signed in" box at some point, but the problem now is how to sign out so I can sign in with another account. There is no "log out" or "sign out" button on the app. I double clicked the Picasa logo on the bottom left and it opened Safari and the gmail account that showed signed in on the app. I logged out of that gmail account and reopened the app, but was still signed in. I tried emptying Safari's cache, cookies, and restarting the computer (imac OS X 10.6.8). Still signed in. Deleted the app, emptied the trash, restarted the computer, reinstalled the app - STILL shows logged in!!!