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Picasa losing folders and Albums

Mitcheip Apr 30, 2012 5:40 AM
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I am now having very regular, problems with Picasa whereby when it starts up there are no Folders shown on the left-hand side of the screen. The computer then starts to build the folder list and over a period of time the folder list is rebuilt. It re-scans all of the faces again, which takes hours, but most of the time it remembers their names. Not sure if they are all there because I’m fed up with reassigning the names to faces.  It also loses Albums which I understand from reading other posts cannot be recovered in the 3.9 version of Picasa using the methods employed with earlier versions of Picasa. I did have 40+ albums, I now have 31. A few of the missing ones are on Picasa Web albums but I can’t see how "automatically" to create a “blue” album in Picasa from the details held in Web Albums.

I also see that “Compacting database” is a message that should NOT be seen regularly – well I do see it quite often. I never delete/move large numbers of photos.

I have tried deleting the db3 folder and re-installing Picasa but I’m still getting the same problems.


Any ideas why it keeps losing the folder database?

Is there any way to recover the missing albums?


This is the system that I’m running:-

Picasa 3.9.0 build 135.95

Windows 7 Premium with SP1 64 bit

A Dell all in one touch screen computer with an i5 processor, 6Gb memory,  ITB hard drive,