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Re: Saving pictures

Byteguy Apr 4, 2012 11:54 AM
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We don't know the exact point of the Original Post.

Yes, there is the original hidden in a subfolder.  But, that original doesn't show up in Picasa.  If Gab is using "Save a Copy" they WILL see a second copy and that (or exports) is what generally leads to complaints.

But, to get clarity... Gab... What exactly are you doing?  How and where are you seeing the copy?  If you are complaining about the one in the ".picasaoriginals" subdirectory; there's no way to turn that off.  You need that to "undo" whatever edits you do.  If you are seeing your exported pictures, go to Tools -> Folder Manager and focus where you are telling to Picasa to watch because it sounds like you have it set to your ENTIRE computer which is too much.

Otherwise, don't do "save" so often.  Picasa will apply most everything on-the-fly as it needs to.