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never ending "Connecting to Device..."

mark.254587 Apr 30, 2012 8:09 AM
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I have a Cannon HD video camera.  In Picasa 3 I am trying to import pictures from the device.  When I select the "CANNON" drive to import from it displays the current photographs on the camera but continues to blink "Connecting to Device.."  The buttons "Import All" and "Import Selected" are not enabled.  The cancel button remains functional.
I have selected my settings for the "Import to", "Folder title" and "After copying".
I have let the software run but it continues to run and does not appear to ever end to allow me to import the pictures.  There are only 15 pictures to import.
Why is this happening?
I can browse the CANNON drives fine in Windows Explorer.  There are not drivers for the video camera to install. 
I have it connected to a USB 2.0 conection.
When this type of cannon video camera connects the internal and SD card show up as two drives.  The internal drive shows up zero results and completes the "Connecting to device..."  This is correct as no data is stored on the internal drive.
The SD card drive does not appear to complete the "Connecting to Device"
Is there something wrong or a method to fix this?  I have never had this problem with the Live Photo Gallary importing from my camera.