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Re: Google+ has deleted my blog images

bethyC Oct 23, 2011 5:33 PM
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I think that for most photos do not need to be shown on Google+ and also on a blog. The warning seems irrelevant. blog images should be locked to the blog and stored as such. Most people will not realize that they are linked...and to be honest, they shouldn't be. This is poor data management that will result in very bad PR for Google. This particular integrated data management system does save google time and money...streamlines data storage...but it reduces backup and creates confusion amongst users. I personally had a personal blog (like a diary) that I had online so I could access it from anywhere on any computer. I lost all of my photos because I didn't want my personal diary posts linked to my google+ account. I feel like I should have known better before I deleted them from google+, but I like many others did not even consider that I would lose them from what I saw as a completely unrelated service. I hope more is done about this... For now, I am going to tell everyone I know about this problem so that they may avoid similar loss of data. I think it is shameful to allow such a blunder...even within beta trials of google+. One service should not affect another in such a way. Outside of beta...problems like this are what kills a service, especially when it is competing with something as intigrated as facebook.