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Google Now on Nexus 5 with Business Account SOLVED.

neil dolman Nov 12, 2013 9:49 AM
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Well eventually Google did help me:

If you go to the Location Settings on your Nexus you will note it is not possible to activate the Business Account?

Here is the solution that worked for me.

1. Log In to your admin control panel
2. At the bottom of your dashboard click on "More Controls" (mine is a german version so it says More Wigets)
3. Click "Other Google Services"
4. Remove the Filter "Top Featured Services" by clicking on the "x"
5. Scroll to the bottom and click the Checkbox next to Web Location History (in my German version this was called Standortverlauf, it is right near the bottom next to YouTube)
6. Click the "On" Button
     a. Select for all users; or
     b. If you have various organizational units select which organizational unit

Check that the Google Location Settings again, they should now be activated for the Business Accoount

Go to your Nexus 5, Settings > Accounts Google > Sign out

Go to Nexus 5 Settings again and sign back in, this time with your Business Account

Works for me!!

Good Luck Neil