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Re: Google news stopped indexing us. Pretty sure we didn't get dropped; but what changed?

Tibi Puiu Oct 25, 2012 8:37 AM
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Ok, so I just got a reply. 

"Hi Tibi,
We periodically review news sources, particularly following user complaints, to ensure Google News offers a high quality experience for our users. When we reviewed your site,, we found that we can no longer include it in Google News at this time.

We have certain guidelines in place regarding the quality of sites which are included in Google News. Please feel free to review these guidelines at the following link:

Your site is scheduled to be removed from Google News for a period of at least 60 days. After this 60-day period has elapsed, you can re-apply for inclusion in Google News provided your site meets our guidelines. We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Please note that you'll still be able to find your site in Google Web Search and other Google services.

The Google News Team


Please visit the Google News Help Forum at!forum/news if you have further questions. Note that we're unable to provide personal responses to every message we receive.

This email may be confidential or privileged. If you received this communication by mistake, please don't forward it to anyone else, please erase all copies and attachments, and please let me know that it went to the wrong person. Thanks."


I'm going to ask what I asked them as well. Where exactly am I going wrong? We actually report better than most mainstream scientific news sources that are currently up and popular on G news; we offer our take, we offer extra details; we offer value. Our site well built. What is the problem, more exactly? Is this is just a clean wipe by some overzelous google employ who didn't even mind checking facts? I'm extremely disappointed.