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Changes to Google News Archive

Marco H. Aug 19, 2011 3:14 PM
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Hello everyone,

We recently removed the Google News Archive search page and redirected it to the News advanced search page where you can search through News Archives along with the entire News index. News Archives -- comprised of both scanned and digital articles from more than a month to hundreds of years old -- continue to be fully searchable.

You can search through News Archives in News search and News mode search. To restrict Google News searches to show archives-only, click on the Archives link on the left navigation bar of news search results pages. To go back in time to periods of interest, narrow your searches by specific dates.

You can continue to do advanced searches through Google News and Google News Archives here:

If you’d like to browse old newspapers, you can also find a list of historical archives here:

We appreciate your interest in historical newspaper content and Google News Archives.