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Re: Changes to Google News Archive

luckyshow Jan 2, 2012 7:22 PM
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When you do sometimes come across a result, a newspaper page, it seems sometimes it no longer exists as a link. They have already discarded it. It brings up a bad link page.

I love the way I read in the New York Times Business section a front page article on Goog;e's change of direction, its repositioning in its marketing, etc. Not one mention whatsoever above any of the dumbing don of their search engines and this abandonment of a principaled syand on historic preservation. Libraries that throw out microfilm are just as derelict of duty. The medium lasts for almost forever and the format will always exist. It was already annoying all the pay-per-view pages I'd come across. Now I have no adequate way to locate these.... None of this was in the article. They take at face value that the changes are positive, that their search mission is strengthened now...