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Re: Changes to Google News Archive

NiteShadow Jan 4, 2012 5:32 PM
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Agreed!  The zoom feature is badly broken lately.  When you try to zoom in, instead of it working like it should ans zooming smoothly to the chosen area and giving you a larger, clear picture, instead it gives you what seems to be fragments of that page or pages all jumbled together and over each other. Since Google doesn't seem to be listening to us, I don't even know if reporting it would do any good :(

I have found a sort of work around, if it helps anyone. On the page that you're interested in, move your mouse to one of the clickable areas on that page (or the next page, if there's no clickable area on the page you want) and then click on it. This will zoom the page in without the jumbled mess. Unfortunately, if what you're interested in is not one of those clickable areas, then you'll still have to move the page around a bit to find what you want. But at least it's viewable this way.

On Saturday, December 31, 2011 12:25:33 AM UTC-7, corolla wrote:
Add the disablement of the zoom/magnifying feature to the destruction of the newspaper archive. Even when a needed page is found, when trying to zoom in on a section, Google has broken the image into unusable fragments so that content can't be viewed. Google - what's wrong with you people?