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Re: Google News Indexing Issue

Robert Gunnells May 5, 2012 11:40 PM
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I see articles indexed as of 4 hours ago and a few minutes ago at 230 am eastern US time. GNews has hiccups at times. Keep monitoring this and see if it has been fixed. If it returns, post the url to your news sitemap. If you would like you can email it to me through my profile. You should check your sitemap plugins to make sure you are getting them rebuilt properly. I know I had trouble with my regular sitemap plugin after the last update from wordpress. Not getting indexed in regular google is another problem altogether but it does suggest something has changed on your site and not in google. In my experience, when sites have both problems with news indexing and google indexing it has been a site issue but that is not 100% of the time. Another thing you could try is to roll back your site update and ses how that works. You didn't specify what kind of updates you did but if it was a theme change then that could be an issue.

As far as all the posts about how bad it is with the help here. You can look at all the threads here and see an actual Google Employee here answering questions every day. Erik is dedicated and doesn't care whether your site is big or small. As one of the few TC's here. We are volunteers and help people on our own time. We don't get compensation for it other than the gratitude of people we have helped. Sorry if we can't get to every question but we have sites ourselves and also regular jobs too. I myself try to have hangouts weekly to address people's problems here and come here for at least an hour each day.

Hope that helps, you can always add me to your circles and correspond to me there if you need more help but try the forum here first.