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Re: Standout Content: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due (Part 2)

News Rules Oct 6, 2011 11:06 AM
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This whole "standout content" makes me ILL!

your looking for standout content??? you should be!!!

Because Sports Related Google News to be blunt "STINKS" - At one time Google News for sports was a hot bet of News related to sports - now!! on the other hand it's all JUNK!!!! Junk that the allowed publishers are spinning and scraping from the publishers YOU REMOVED!!!

The Google News team has resorted to allowing CLEAR VIOLATIONS by big players (ie: bleacher report, SBnation, etc...), while removing all the small sports news publishers, who were the creators of the format that these allowed sites now publish.

I have never seen so many links in 1 article ( ie: SBnation) I have never seen so much BLATANT third party promotion in an article, as the articles produced by SBnation show.

and who the HELL is!!!! Obviously they are part of an even larger link scheme by the producers of, and there hundreds of other templated sites which only boost the SERP's of their own network!!!

you want standout content google? why dont you go back an review the sites you DELISTED!!!