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Re: Attention Publishers: Site Removals

momsword Mar 22, 2011 6:23 PM
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what bugs me a site like huffingtonpost who was bought recently, they report some news themselves but other news articles on their website comes form reuters, and other places and we are talking word-for-word. It is like they don't even try to report news in their own words. And yet everyone loves them, they are in google news. Okay fine. whatever.
Perez Hilton is on google news, why? He pretty much gives 2 sentences in his own words and plagiarizes the rest and makes a lot of money. Oh and he is ONE auhtor and the GN rules state that a news site can't have only one author. Has to have more than one author. So why is Perez Hilton on GN???

now my site isn't like CNN or Huffington Post but we write articles, celeb news/ world news/ entertainment / business/ tech,etc.. and every single article is in our own words. The parts that isn't in our own words, we site. Some articles are long and some are short. GN wants 'unique' articles and the websites that are honest and are writing unique articles with the topics we like to write about, then why take them off of GN?? Why keep sites like Perez Hilton and others on GN?? Fyi, if people reported PH to GN, GN wouldn't take them off I bet ya.

So in all GN is taking off websites and doesn't give a reason because they don't have one. I am guessing it is someone sitting in their basement, eating McDonald's fries, bored (since GN doesn't have a support so we think they work at home) and said 'hey this isn't suppose to be on GN because it doesn't look like CNN format.. so remove it from GN" and when you reply to the robot email they sent you, another person who has no life responds "oh sorry we can't vie you a reason and give you another robot email" So GN mucks you over and ad companies are now saying to you "why the population decline? We are going to rethink about being on your website"

oh and yeah thanks GN For mucking a bunch of good sites over.
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