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Reminding About GroupWise Contacts To Outlook Contacts And VCF Converter

jacksion01 Apr 25, 2012 2:39 AM
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India, April 25, 2012 – To refresh users and readers mind regarding multitask software program that converts GroupWise contacts to Outlook contacts and vCard contacts. PCVITA Novell Address Book Converter is a flexible and reliable tool that allows users to convert NAB address book to PST and VCF file format for wider accessibility of contacts in different applications. The software makes it possible for the users to access NAB contacts in email clients like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express and many more that supports readability of VCF files. Comprehensive information about the software can be acquired by visiting the website

Words from the Desk of D.Pramanik (Chief Product Developer of the Company): “Our software solutions are known to me multi task performer and we aim at development of software applications that caters users easiness and flexibility along with freedom and opportunity to execute various related jobs with just one tool together with reasonable investment. Our PCVITA Novell Address Book Converter is one such multifarious tool that our company delivered to the users with the aim to convert GroupWise contacts to Outlook contacts along with given advantage of NAB to VCF conversion so that users can competently have a wider accessibility over the address book of GroupWise in various email applications.”

Head of Web Team, S. Pratap quotes: “Tools dealing with multiple aspects and problems of the user always remain a centre of attraction for the users and consequently users find it a profitable deal to invest in multitask performer tools if it matches their expectation level in context to ability, simplicity and requirement. Our PCVITA Novell Address Book Converter is specially designed with the purpose to help users in trouble-free and successful conversion of  GroupWise contacts to Outlook contacts and to cater user an additional advantage, we provide users an additional feature in the tool that allows NAB to VCF conversion.”

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