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Re: Can anybody help me for Google news indexation

Chris_Andrews Jun 9, 2012 6:31 AM
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You have a good start. 

It looks like your site is new, the oldest posts I could find were just a few weeks old. I expect GN will generally want to see a much longer history than that.

You might also consider a page with a list of writers, an 'about' page, and a working contact page and address. Right now, there are some parts of your site that don't appear to be finished - like the contact page has some odd things on it. It doesn't look like a way to actually contact you. If I drill down through I find some things like 'sample-data contact' and 'Fruit Shop Sample Site'. 

When you are ready, be sure to go through the guidelines and technical requirements very carefully before you submit. They will take a very thorough look at your site details and quality when they review it,