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Re: Update: Your Google Merchant Center Account Feeds Now Available For Download!

dan_ps Nov 2, 2011 8:08 AM
Posted in group: Google Merchant Center

Categories: Announcements & Known Issues :

Well this is certainly of no value to me whatsoever.  I have the file, why would I want to download it again?  The bottom line is my feed remains disapproved and the Data Quality review said my feed is "good". 

If I kick a field goal and the referee says "it's good", I'm usually rewarded for 3 points. In G land, I'm just told , "its good" and rewarded with nothing.   No change in the status of my feed. 

On that link, it states "If your account has been disapproved and your feeds seem to be correct, please ensure you did not accidentally violate our policies.   Below are some common problems and resolutions." 

Ok fine, I may have violated a policy.  Tell me which one.   Can you do that?  I didn't think so.   And am I forever in Google Jail for violating said policy? 

Come on, how do I rectify this?  My feed is good,  and can't get reapproved.

Downloading my feed does not solve a thing.  Back to waiting for a reply while my holiday sales go down the drain.   :angryface