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Rerouting broken and blurred tiles in Navigation

Al_Bow May 4, 2012 11:44 AM
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I'm not sure exactly when this started happening, or whether this is more than one issue...  My HTC Wildfire is running Google Maps 6.6.0.  When I use Navigation, the tiles are always blurred, and if I go off route, as often as not it will fail to notice.  It switches to an overhead view, but carries on with the last instruction it was giving me for the route I am no longer on.  As to the tile blur - they look sharp in the Maps app, it is only Navigation where they seem blurry.

Throughout these issues, I have good GPS lock and good data connection.

There was a thread reporting very similar issues in 5.11, but they claimed to be fixed in 5.12.

Can anyone suggest any fixes (or what more information would be useful to report)?