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Re: Google maps UI painfully slow after latest revision

bluscarab Mar 9, 2011 12:40 PM
Posted in group: Google Maps & Earth Help Forum
I too have been suffering with this for a while now. It is very very sluggish doesnt even display tiles correctly. What are you ppl doing over there? It used to be very fast and smooth. Map is now very jerky and only parts of the image appears if I pan around or zoom too fast. Many address markers are now in wrong places - sometimes appearing in multiple places at same time! My computer is a quad xeon secured Win2k3 server and its not malware. I even tested it in a clean virtual machine mode and same results. Disabled firewall and DMZed IP (against better judgement) - no improvement. Went home and tested on a Toshiba R500 laptop, a Panasonic Toughbook T4, a Dell optiplex 745 and a custom Core2Duo build. Same across the board. I smell bad java somewhere. Time to ditch that polluted language.