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Re: Make multiple updates to a road and roads close together

Don in the Mountains Jul 27, 2012 7:30 AM
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I got into Map Maker to fix the road on which I live. The name was wrong and my address pops to a location far from my home. I have successfully changed the road name. I have moved my address to the proper location on the map and I think that the updates have migrated to Google Maps. But I don't know for sure. The street name is now correct. But when I enter my address Maps still goes to the wrong location for the address. When I click on my home in the map it pops up an erroneous address, one I am trying to delete but was rejected by level 2 reviewer, Purple. Is Purple an automated response bot? The comment in the response for the reason for rejection makes no sense and obviously has not read my comment and reason for deleting this address.

The address I am attempting to delete is 603 16 Springs Canyon Rd Lincoln National Forest, Cloudcroft, NM 88317. I have moved all other address markers showing up in this area which are along the old route of 16 Springs Canyon Road I can find but I had one extra. The request to delete it was rejected by Purple. The road probably ran along this route on some map 50 years ago but the road has been moved. I know it isn't there because my home now sits on where it probably ran. These are several address markers out in the middle of nowhere which I moved and renamed all but this one to valid addresses. The address changes have been accepted over a month ago but do not show as correct on Google Maps. Have they not migrated to Maps yet? I can't tell. The road name change has migrated in.

I have cleared cache, tried on other devices and get the same result. The address changes of name and location are not working.

Addresses along Poison Spring Road are made in 1/100 of a mile increments. I can enter arbitrary even addresses on the road and they show up at the right places along the renamed road. Odd addresses go to old places as before the rename. Poison Spring Road is an old road running from an Indian Reservation and was extended to the current route of 16 Springs Canyon Road maybe 15 or so years ago. Google Maps had the extension erroneously named 16 Springs Canyon Road. I have successfully changed the new road to its correct name of Poison Spring Road and it appears that I have successfully appended it to the original Poison Spring Road. But for some reason odd addresses still go to the old Poison Spring Road locations. Even address list a comment that the location is approximate. Odd addresses do not have that comment.

As things stand now I have no idea what to do next.