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Academic use of street view data

poul_s093294 Apr 22, 2012 5:44 AM
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I'm a student at the Technical University of Denmark and writing my thesis. "Road Inventory Detection and Recognition"

I have some data from a driving system with a camera, but would like to use some data from the Google Street View system.  I reverse engineered the API and are able to download panoramas from Google. I am aware that i am not allowed to publish any data in my thesis because of the copyright/terms of use attached to Google Street View. 

I assume its also in Google's interest to have students around the world to do different analyzing on their data( we might find solutions or get ideas that they yet have not found or problems not solved ;) ). Not been able to find any information about where to write or who to contact I now have created this post hoping to get some information about the next step on getting permission to use the data in my thesis and publish images from Google Street View in my report.

If such permission can not be given, is it legal to publish a screenshot of a browser viewing parts of the Google Street View ?

Sincerely Poul