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Re: Need to merge my grants google account with my adwords google account to share analytics data

swedish-foundation Jun 28, 2012 2:27 PM
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Hi Robert,

I appreciate your kind replay, and - yes - I would like further assistance, if you have the time!

Because unfortunately, I don't think your solution will fix my problem. My Analytics account and my AdWords account live under separate gmail addresses (google accounts), and they can't be associated with one another.  (not allowed).

The first rule for linking / unlinking AdWords accounts, per that tutorial you provided is:

1)  Before you start, make sure that you're using a Google Account email address that has access to both your Analytics and AdWords accounts, and is an Administrator for both accounts.

I believe what they mean by "Google Account email address" is that the gmail address has to be the same for the Analytics and AdWords.  This isn't the case for me, and it isn't technically possible to achieve. You can't associate two separate gmail addresses with one google account.

So, I'm still stumped as to how I'm going to resolve this situation.  I've been trying to think of ways to hack this system, but nothing I've thought of (so far) has worked.

I wonder if I'd need to delete the (disapproved) Adwords account from my main Analytics account, cancel the (grants) approved AdWords account, and then re-apply for AdWords under the original google account?  (Analytics).  It would be risky to lost the grant-approved AdWords account, but perhaps this is the only way.

If you have any thoughts please do share.


Laura S.

On Monday, June 18, 2012 4:04:02 PM UTC-7, Robert Coats wrote:
Hi Laura,
Great to see a a fellow Seattle-ite here in the forum!

Now on to your question:

You will have to unlink the first AdWords account from your analytics and then link the second AdWords account (the approved grant account) to you analytics.

If you need further assistance, let me know.
All the best,