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Keywords help.Need help regarding some usage of keywords

Arpanjot Nov 29, 2011 12:05 PM
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We have a google grants account and we provide IT services like webhosting,website development and much more to all Non Profits across India for free or at minimal cost

Now the problem i am facing is I have created an ad"Free webhosting for NGO's" with some keywords like free webhosting,webhosting ,non profit webhosting etc.We got our ad almost visible on every search related to Web hosting on google and the result was unwanted use of adword credits.

To avoid this i edited some keywords and removed "Free web hosting" from keyword because there are loads of people who search this phase and also added some negative keywords like, free shared hosting,free cpanel hosting, free web hosting and similar keywords.And the result was our add appeared very few times on google and even when i tried googling " Free web hosting for non profits", I could not see my ad there.

Earlier the ad was visible but on every search related to web hosting.So my question is if i use the word"Free" as a keyword,my ad will appear on searches like free web hosting and etc which will be of no use because we are limited only to NGO's and non profits.And when i remove similar keywords,my ad does not appear where i want it to appear.

So what do i do next?Please help out

Thanks in advance