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Unable to link Google Checkout to AdWords for cost-free checkout processing

The Montalvo House Jul 21, 2011 3:36 PM
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Categories: Non-profit and grantee resources :

We are a nonprofit Google grant recipient.  We have successfully set up Google Checkout on our website.  We also have an AdWords account, with a current ID number.  As a nonprofit Google grant recipient, we qualify for free processing with Google Checkout.  In order to make this work, however, we need to link our Google Checkout with our AdWords account.  When we go into our account to do this, and enter our AdWords account number, it says that it will send a confirmation email.  Well, we never get the confirmation email.  This has been going on for three weeks now.  We have sent multiple emails to Google Checkout and have received two responses, saying that they have sent our complaint on to a "specialist" who will get back in touch with us.  Here we are three weeks later with no update.  We have called the AdWords support team, they say they can't help.  We have called the corporate offices, they have told us no telephone support.  So, this is our last hope.  Anyone know what the issue could be?  Many thanks.