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Re: Download the latest version of Google+ for iOS

Brock Apr 10, 2012 1:53 PM
Posted in group: Google+ Discuss

Categories: Mobile device feedback :

Something is seriously broken with the user lookup function. Whenever I try to reference someone in a post or comment (e.g., adding +Larry Page to a post), the app freezes and then is really, really slow. Every time I try to type a single letter the whole app goes molasses on me. It take like three minutes to type in a name and select a person.

And this is really annoying when I'm not even trying to reference someone, but am typing in a + symbol for some entirely unrelated reason. Like say "2+2=4". It would be faster for me to spell out "2 plus 2 = 4".

Trying to load my list of Circles from the home screen is also really slow.