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Re: Profile suspended

manofredearth May 5, 2012 4:57 PM
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Categories: Fix a Google+ problem :

I have just sent my third email to address this issue, as well, and yet I receive no replies. After no help from the first email I sent, providing proof of common-use mononymity, I relented and publically added my legal last name after my common name despite my singular common name. I received a notice that the matter would be looked in to. Nothing has happened now for SEVERAL months despite repeat emails to correct the issue. I should just quit by now. It is incredibly offensive and feels like admitting to something that isn't true (I do not go by my legal name, and my common name is a common, unoffensive, single word, "Tree," used by friends, family, and colleagues). Google should not be requiring me to present myself as an identity I do not use in my life. It is awkward and causes discomfort and confusion. I am having difficulty separating from Gmail and Google as a search engine, but that may be my next step.