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Re: Availability of Hangouts on Air ... in Denmark

primesegment May 22, 2012 4:59 AM
Posted in group: Google+ Discuss
I think the lack of a specific reply is bad form tbh.

It makes little sense from a marketing perspective to leave out countries that are traditionally known for its behaviour in early adoption of technology.

Further more I think it strange, since I know little legal issues where we should not be if not the same, then at least extremely similar to our northern cousins..

Denmark got one of the best IT penetrations in the world, and are in top 25 of best band width penetrations in the world.

Since HO on air is a bit demanding on BW if you have a lot of activity, it makes even less sense technically why it was not launched to .dk.

Yes fundamentally I am just frustrated that I dont have this, but the point is why we can not get a decent answer. If there is a good reason, that would be perfectly fine, but without it, it seems strange at best..

If not a full roll out, why not at least make it possible to apply for it, and roll it out to the really ancient users? The mere innovative usage of HO would make it well worth it..

Googles social tools are the potential Facebook killer, but if the spreading of the services are lacking it wont reach the type of people that will promote it.. and co develop it..