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Re: Photos from Android phone not syncing anymore why?

hdwdlnd May 30, 2012 8:40 AM
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Same issue.  It's been going on since March 2012.  I uninstalled my Picasa Web Album App and Google+.  Then I re-installed Google+, made sure all the settings were turned on and still nothing.  I can add them manually but not automatic.  I did change microsd cards by just physically copying everything from the old to the new one.  Maybe this messed it up somehow?  I'm trying the Upload All at the moment.  It says 0 of 86 and has stayed there for quite some time.  Next step will be to put in a fresh microsd card and format it.  Also, I did move all the apps I could to my microsd card since my HTC Incredible give me a low memory warning constantly now.