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Re: Importing from Outlook PST to Gmail - Unknown Sender Jul 2, 2010 11:10 PM
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This whole issue completely sucks to say the least.
I want to use gmail as my only email account, yet there seems to be no way to transfer email from one of the most popular email clients to date (Outook).  I have tried direct IMAP transfer from Outlook only to find out you are limited to 2 GB max due to IMAP only supporting the 97-2002 pst format, not the new 2003 version.  I have tried importing my PST files in Thunderbird then using an IMAP interface to gmail as well, however with Thunderbird I have unknown sender and corrupted email errors for every email I upload, even though Thunderbird shows send and receive and contents with no errors.  When I upload the limited amount of files direct from Outlook I get unknown sender on 30% of me emails, but I am unfortunately limited to only being able to upload a total of 2GB instead of the 5GB I have.
I can't understand why Google wouldn't put a Lab addon, or produce a free app so that people could upload the 2 types of pst file formats directly to Gmail with no errors, ugggh. 
This oversight and lack of solution interest from Google actually concerns me with respect to other Google products like Android phone etc.
Come on Google, dedicate a couple software developers for a couple weeks and solve this issue and you will be a hero and gain the potential of gaining more market share over Outlook users.